Our commitment to safety begins with each team member valuing the importance of a safe working environment, and clearly understanding their role and responsibilities in ensuring safety. This a vital aspect of every RISE project. Upholding safety means developing and implementing safety protocols and procedures, providing regular training to all workers, and continuously monitoring and assessing the work site for potential hazards.

 The culture of safety that we have created has been accomplished with the cooperation of the New England Carpenters Union and the Metropolitan Building Trades. The alignment that we have fostered with these committed partners continues to help secure a safe working environment for everyone.

construction site with RISE scrim
3 RISE staff on construction site


Safety is central to RISE’s mission and values. On all our jobsites, team members follow consistent guidelines based on best practices, placing the safety of workers and the public at the forefront.

RISE has developed a company specific Health & Safety Manual with current policy statements and detailed descriptions of worker safety procedures. This manual  is updated and edited on a regular basis.

We have partnered with True North Safety, an experienced safety training company, to provide consistent project safety support to our field teams as well as guidance to RISE leadership for the development of corporate programs.  

RISE employs an extensive safety orientation training process for new employees, and yearly safety training for all employees.

The team contracts regular third-party safety inspections of all projects, with noted deficiencies immediately and thoroughly addressed.

RISE acknowledges the safety success of site teams through documented safety observations.