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Equitable Development is more than a corporate responsibility. It is how we think, communicate, and act. Our commitment permeates all internal and external stakeholder relationships. Through the development of standard operating procedures, we have established a model that ensures diverse business engagement when sourcing new talent, partnering with subcontractors, and considering new capital investors. By embedding equitable principles and practices into our business, we can empower greater access to careers, contracts, and capital opportunities for under-represented professionals and companies, and support investments in the communities that we build.

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"Equitable development  calls us to implement  practices in the built  environment that ensure  quality of life outcomes,  such as affordable housing,  quality education, living  wage employment, healthy  environments, and  transportation are equitably  experienced by the people  currently living and working  in a neighborhood, as well  as people moving in.”


Through partnerships with nonprofits, small businesses, educational institutions, and civic organizations, RISE can maximize the impact of our work in communities. We ensure that there is a lasting impact in each community we touch, by hearing and supporting the individuals and families that live there and working alongside them to reimagine their neighborhoods.



  • 407 Affordable IDP Units
  • Over 262,000 SF of Publicly Accessible Open Space
  • Energy efficient design technologies, renewable energy systems and resilient design practices are reflected across the entire RISE portfolio.


  • 7,000 SF of Playground Space
  • 9,000 SF of Community Space for Teaching and Lab Research
  • MWBE received over 50% of subcontracted work on Article 80 Projects
  • 40% of total work hours for apprentices go to people of color and women construction while implementing and improving pedestrian and bike safety, both on site and on access pathways.


  • 3,000 Permanent Jobs
  • 4000 Union Trade Jobs
  • 825 Construction Jobs
  • Over $23 Million to the City of Boston Linkage Program to Support Job Creation


  • Building Pathways
  • Boston Carpenters Apprentice Training
  • Building Trade - Training Directors Association of MA
  • Boston Residents Jobs Policy Office - Policy Group on Tradeswomen Issues
  • Cambridge College
  • Commonwealth Kitchen
  • Charlestown Turn It Around Youth Program
  • Charlestown Coalition
  • Mass Minority Contractors Association (MMCA)
  • National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC)
  • Operation Exit
  • Youthbuild Boston
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