A collection of recent RISE news + initiatives.

What is a Post-Tensioned Slab?

On May 17th, RISE partnered with G&C Concrete to complete a “Post Tensioned Slab”. This was a critical milestone, and given the amount of coordination, prep work, and construction intricacies, we thought it was worth memorializing all the great work and partners that made it happen!
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BLDUP: RISE has grown from a construction management firm to developing some of the most impactful projects in the Boston pipeline, what led to the transformation of the business?

In this series, BLDUP speaks with Boston’s Next Generation of Developers to discuss how they got their start, what makes for a good project, and their thoughts on the future of development in the city.
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6 Developers to Watch in 2023

Jim Grossmann has played a part in some of the biggest projects in Boston. Now, he's pouring everything he's learned into RISE.
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RISE's Equitable Development Commitment

RISE believes that Equitable Development is more than a corporate responsibility. It is how we think, communicate, and act.
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Intro to Equitable Development – What is it really?

So, what exactly is equitable development and why is it so difficult for leaders in our industry to grasp?
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Herby Duverné appointed to the Healey-Driscoll transition team's Affordable, Abundant Housing Committee

Our Founder Herby Duverné has been appointed to the Healey-Driscoll transition team's Affordable, Abundant Housing Committee. RISE is committed to creating safe, affordable and abundant housing options in Massachusetts.
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RISE CEO Jim Grossmann On The Design Development Podcast

Jim joined Rens Hayes IV on the Hayes O'Neill podcast "Design Development" to share his journey into the industry.
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